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*Our Spring Semester runs from April 17th to June 25th. Classes are being offered at the Garden School.

Spring Semester of 2023

The 4:00 PM classes are geared towards younger students and the 5:00 PM classes are geared towards older students  If your child's schedule cannot accommodate these particular age groups, we will work with you on finding the right class for your child's schedule. Also, we have a relaxed attitude towards class placement and age. We have some students as young as 4.5 who are keeping up with older peers. It all depends on their skills and level of maturity/concentration.

Mondays (New class):


4:00PM-5:00PM and 5:15-6:15PM, Ages 4.5-6

new class geared towards ages 4.5-6 years, offered by Costanza Musumeci, a Jackson Heights artist & illustrator, mom, and founder of Ladybug Studio. Check out her IG to discover her work. Students will be introduced to visual literacy through fun, process-oriented projects that allow experimentation with different materials and techniques and spur creativity and problem-solving. Using children's books and other artists' art to ignite curiosity and inspiration, the young students will be guided and supported through their own creative process, culminating in unique and beautifully imperfect artworks.


4:00PM-5:00PM, Ages 5-7.

5:00PM-6:00PM, Ages 8-11 .


4:00PM-5:00PM, Ages 5-7.

5:00PM-6:00PM, Ages 8-11 .


Thursdays :

5:00-6:10 PM, Ages 10-13, Specialized class for outstanding and advanced students. 

Fees:  Classes are $25.00 per student. Students can take up to two trial classes before they make a full commitment for one semester. Trial classes are paid classes.

We offer partial and full scholarships for families affected by the pandemic! 

To register and save a spot, please email us directly at and we will provide you with the registration information.

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